SFD Spezialfahrdienst Hadizamani GmbH   –   wheelchair accessible transportation service in Munich

Are you a wheelchair user and want to consult a doctor? Need transportation to a dialysis centre? Got an appointment with the authorities?  Are invited to a party with friends and family? Or would you simply like to shop in peace, visit the zoo, or enjoy sightseeing in Bavaria.

We have 17 years of experience in handicapped transportation and patient transfers and help wheelchair users stay mobile.


We offer:

Prompt, friendly, and professional service

Especially equipped vehicles that all include:

  • wheelchair anchoring and swivel lifts
  • wheelchair and caterpillar lifts to move wheelchairs up or down stairs

Non emergency medical transport and dialysis transportation

Patient transportation to rehabilitation centres, also available on a stretcher (non emergency, no medical care)

Day trips and sightseeing


Contractual partners of statutory health insurances

Direct settlement with insurances and other payers

Language diversity. Beside German, our staff members speak English, Spanish, Turkish, Croatian, Persian, Afghan, Albanian, and Hungarian.

You can book our services seven days a week, even on short notice

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